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Ocean Souls (OS) THE FILM, is a non-profit effort. All executive producers came forward to support this unprecedented documentary film in an altruistic way. The production was financed via Wildlife Media ( ), a 501 (c3) non-for-profit US organisation.


Ocean Souls has been presented to most nature film festivals. We also aim at discussing broadcasting via traditional TV channels around the world and large social media channels.

    All the profits generated from the film and future series, the money will go to the Wildlife Media Org and used to promote Ocean Conservation. Our goal is awareness and impact rather than profit, so we aim at globally broadcasting and strong social media coverage. At present our social media followers combined for Ocean Souls, the OS Crew, our sponsors, partners and contributors have reached many millions, which makes global reach a guarantee. We expect multiple media channels to showcase our film and future series. We will also coordinate the translation into multiple languages.

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