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Order your copy of our Director's brand new ocean book!


This ground breaking book is even greater than the first edition!  376 pages filled with the most spectacular photography, a new chapter on Antarctica as well as inspiring stories from acclaimed scientists and ocean ‘guardians’, who reveal what drove them to answer the Call of the Blue"

Ocean Souls Films Ltd is a production company based in London, UK. We are dedicated to producing our own original inspiring films and documentaries focusing on ocean conservation. All our films are aimed at raising awareness about marine species and ecosystems. We are not activists or politically-motivated, we are totally independent and our strategy is based on science, knowledge, beauty, emotions and love. Our focus is to spread our love for the oceans and educate with the hope to trigger important change. 

Director and Producer, Philip Hamilton is a photographer, author and filmmaker, but above all he is a passionate ocean conservationist. He started exploring the ocean over 30 years ago and little by little was drawn further into the deep and the beauty which lies beneath. In 2014, he decided to leave his successful career in the finance world and dedicate his life to sharing his passion and making an impact in ocean conservation.


He has extensive diving and sailing experience and has documented most marine animals on the planet, from the majestic Blue whale to the smallest underwater critters. He has a wide and much sought after collection of video footage and stills, which he regularly donates to conservation programs, scientist work and NGO’s.


Philip is a firm believer in spreading awareness about the critical danger faced by many of the ocean’s creatures. His conservation work has one goal – to empower and inspire people to make a difference where it matters. He believes that only by possessing the correct knowledge can people understand, care and most importantly protect.

The team works on worldwide assignments, specialising in marine films. We usually use our own equipment which ranges from cameras with 8K Raw footage to DJI Inspire drones and varies from aerial to underwater filming. However, we also operate with Red, Blackmagic, or any other professional cinematic cameras. Our team is comprised of free-divers, scuba divers, drone pilots licensed skippers and sailors, with all the necessary Emergency First Response training.

(Scott Wilson (left) and Philip Hamilton (right)

One of our most important goals is to showcase the great work of marine scientists and explorers. Their work is essential yet poorly promoted or very rarely recognised. We are firm believers that through the power of film & photography, especially now with the aid of social media, we can protect nature in the same way as the explorers and photographers who helped to create parks like Yellowstone back in 1872.


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