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The Blue Forest is the first comprehensive film focusing on the important topics of kelp and seaweed around the world. The film also explores how we can preserve one of the world’s most productive habitats. Kelp forests are recognised as one of the most complex and vital ecosystems on Earth, easily comparable to the Amazon forest. They are crucial to the health and survival of our planet, but sadly we are at risk of losing them.

The Blue Forest exposes the vulnerability of these forests and how environmental conditions as well as the direct threat of human action is severely challenging the resilience of these coastal ecosystems. 

Director and Producer, Philip Hamilton, commented, “These incredible ecosystems are home to a wonderful variety of plants and animals, providing unbelievable benefits not only to life under water but also to humans and the planet. Given their carbon absorption capabilities to their amazing nutritional properties, we simply can’t sit back and allow the devastating threats these ecosystems face, to continue.   

The team visited Chile’s Atacama coast and documented the voluntary wild deforestation of the world’s largest kelp reserve. The waters of Chile have some of the best conditions for kelp forests to thrive naturally and yet human extraction is threatening their very existence. We do have time to protect the kelp but we must act quickly. The purpose of our film is to educate, inspire and encourage valuable action to prevent further devastation."


At Oceans Souls Films, our goal is to keep producing inspiring and impactful films by reporting directly from the field as we travel the Planet Ocean. The Blue Forest is a non-profit film and the first production in the Ocean Souls Films’ ‘Mini Series in the Field’ collection.

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